Acura TL

From Acura press: The Acura TL performance luxury sedan was introduced in 1995 with a second-generation model debuting in 1999. For 2004, an all-new completely redesigned TL went on sale with more power, an assortment of breakthrough technology and an exterior design that is taut, athletic and powerful. Enthusiast drivers appreciate the TL for its high dynamic capabilities-the 2006 TL remains a true driver's car and the leader in the luxury sedan segment.

For inspiration Acura considered a design style referred to as "Bauhaus," named for the famous German design house of the 1920s that defined "form follows function" design. The TL uses crisp, taut lines instead of sweeping curves, satin trim in key areas rather than bright chrome, and a driver-oriented layout makes driving more engaging.

The TL is powered by an aluminum-alloy 3.2-liter V-6 that uses advanced Acura technology to provide an exceptionally high level of power and refinement. The VTEC V-6 generates 258 horsepower SAE net (Rev 8/04) and 233 lbs-ft of torque SAE net (Rev 8/04). The TL engine delivers outstanding city and highway fuel economy when paired with the Sequential SportShift automatic transmission. In terms of emissions performance, it meets CARB LEV-2 ULEV requirements, a much tougher standard than either of its predecessors.

The TL offers an available 6-speed manual transmission at no extra cost. With short shift throws, closely spaced ratios and slightly shorter (higher numerically) overall gearing, the 6-speed manual transmission is targeted at drivers interested in extracting the maximum performance - and hands-on fun - out of one of the most powerful V-6 engines in the class. A helical gear-type limited-slip differential is applied as standard equipment in the 6-speed manual transaxle, providing maximum grip and handling stability under heavy acceleration.
The TL 3.2-liter VTEC 24-valve, V-6 features aluminum-alloy construction and has a compact, smooth firing 60-degree V-angle. A cold-air induction system coupled with Acura's sophisticated dual-stage intake manifold, 3-rocker VTEC system, increased compression ratio, close-coupled catalytic converters and high flow exhaust delivers high horsepower combined with exceptional smoothness and extremely low emissions.

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