ABT Volkswagen Scirocco

From ABT press: When the original Scirocco made its debut a quarter of a century ago, it became an immediate success, because the cool, compact Coupe was something special. This applies even more once the designers and engineers of the world’s largest tuner of VW vehicles have worked on the Scirocco. The result is impressive, can be felt when driving and gets the adrenaline pumping as well as fascinating people just like a high performance sports car. The cars have had their performance increased by the company from Allgäu thanks to ABT Chiptuning, and they all now provide the speed to suit their dynamic optics: instead of 200 HP the 2.0 TSI now has a sporty 240 HP on the road, the diesel engine of the same size is thereby increased to 170 HP (standard: 140 HP). Of particular interest is the 1.4 TSI which is powerful, but actually economical on fuel consumption, with up to 160 HP as standard. With the ABT version, 200 HP is now available. As a result the engine reaches the performance values of the larger series engines (2.0 TSI), while guzzling much less fuel.

With the bodywork components that ABT has developed for this newbie, the well-established company has succeeded in providing another highlight. All of this fits together harmonically to create a balanced whole, which is why it is also worth ordering the complete package. It comprises the Front Spoiler, Side Skirts, the Rear Skirt Set, the Rear Skirt add-on, the extravagant, diagonally attached 4-Pipe Rear Muffler. The especially dynamic ABT wheels – in 18 to 20 inch sizes – are, of course, also available for the ABT Scirocco.

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