Icon FJ45

From ICON press: It is an astounding act of déjà vu: reincarnations of the original Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser and Willys CJ that inspired a cult following since the 1960s.

But while the look may be pure vintage, the body, engine, drivetrain, wiring, seats, suspension and steering are completely state-of-the-art.

“No one has ever applied real craftsmanship to the blank canvas this vehicle can be,” Ward says.

The result is a necessity for people who thought they already had everything: A utility vehicle of unparalleled refinement, featuring a level of custom detail impossible to find in the world of mass production.

The ICON is not a fashion statement. It is a vehicle – a utilitarian tool to maximize your experiences in the outdoors. “Sport utility vehicles,” Jonathan says, “have all but lost their usefulness. That’s why we created this.”

The ICON is for accomplished people who do not need to show their status, but who love owning something that is unique, highly functional, and made just for them.

The ICON is for people who appreciate the intelligence that goes into the hundreds of choices made in its design and assembly, and how, in a vehicle costing upwards of $100,000, nothing is superfluous.

This is an experience for people who feel the thrill of classic design blended with modern performance. Words are only an attempt to convey what the ICON is like. You really must experience it: In trackless woods. On a snowy mountain ranch. A desert oasis. A tropical island. Or wherever you go to escape the world and explore your own.

Perfection is a demanding master. But Jonathan Ward has had his way with it. He has made something as good as it can be made.

The ICON is a supreme achievement for a fortunate few.

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