Ford Thunderbird

From Ford press: In 1983, Ford took Thunderbird into a new design phase introducing the "aero-style" Thunderbird that would lead Ford Motor Company and the industry in a new direction. The bold styling would next find its way into the car that changed the industry for years to come beginning in 1986 - the Ford Taurus.

Thunderbird was all-new from the ground up in 1989, featuring an exterior design destined to further reshape the aero-styling trends of the '80s. It was a leader in technology transfer from racing to production and was among the first vehicles outfitted with Ford's next generation electronic engine control module developed by Ford's Formula One racing program.

Thunderbird first appeared in NASCAR in 1959 winning six races in the top division. The mid-sized Thunderbird is one of the most successful cars in racing history, attracting a legion of fans to Ford. The restyled Thunderbird burst onto the NASCAR circuit in 1982, and went on to win more than 150 races in NASCAR's top division, including four victories in the Daytona 500.

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