Volkswagen Eos

From Volkswagen press: The 2010 Volkswagen Eos is ready to deliver the pure thrills that can only be had on the open road, with a versatile three mode retractable hardtop that allows drivers and passengers to maximize their driving enjoyment all year long.

The 2010 Eos stands out against the competition for all the right reasons, led by its traditional coupe, full-function sunroof, and total convertible (CSCTM) roof modes. The roof’s innovative design gives owners the choice of enjoying their Eos in one of two distinct forms with the touch of a button: As a luxurious two-door coupe, or as an inviting four-seat convertible. The roof can be fully lowered and hidden below the rear deck in only 25 seconds, and is raised back into position just as quickly with another press of the center console button. A collection of hydraulics and mechanical linkages handle the speedy process, as they fold and align the roof panels that include the tinted glass power sunroof.

A Trunk Lid Assistance function is available with integrated bumper sensors to monitor up to 20 inches behind the Eos to prevent the roof from being raised or lowered if an obstruction is detected. A cargo cover in the trunk must also be latched into position before the roof can be lowered. Additionally, the roof cannot be moved unless the Eos is turned on and the vehicle’s speed remains below 0.6 mph throughout the process. A roof status indicator will also provide a warning if the roof is not secured in either the up or down position.

The front of the 2010 Eos carries a crisp, luxurious appearance with aggressive headlights that can be outfitted either with standard halogen lamps, or optional High Intensity Gas-discharged Xenon lamps with an Adaptive Front- lighting System (AFS) that can steer the headlights with a turn for better driver vision. Crystalline halogen fog lamps are positioned at the lower front corners and are in perfect alignment with the headlights. The chrome bumper rests between the grille and the lower front fascia, which come with chrome louvers on the Lux model, and carries its lines up along the hood. The Eos’ profile is clean and understated with a muscular line that starts toward the top of the door and heads almost all the way back to the end of the quarter panel. The rearview mirrors are power folding units and have integrated turn signal indicators for added safety. At the rear, the Eos comes standard with LED tail lamps, turn signals, and third brake light, and finished with a chrome, dual-tipped exhaust for a simple and classy look.

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Volkswagen Eos