Chevrolet Aveo Hatchback

From Chevrolet press: The latest edition of the Aveo is an all-new vehicle that includes a completely redesigned exterior and passenger cabin, a newly developed chassis and body structure, as well as an upgraded range of fuel-efficient, low-emission engines.

The Aveo has been engineered to make everyday driving in a small car a more dynamic and enjoyable experience, while delivering practical, hands-on solutions and value. In order to ensure responsive handling, engineers developed an all-new chassis for the Aveo that is among the most rigid in its segment.

Featuring a sporty exterior that speaks Chevrolet's global design language, the all-new Chevrolet Aveo appeals to the young and the young-at-heart. This holds true for both body styles, but especially for the five-door hatchback, with its aggressive, flowing body lines. Meanwhile, the all-new four-door version conveys a more mature, upscale feel. The notchback is aimed at young families in particular.

"In many regions of Europe, and chiefly in parts of south and eastern Europe, small sedans play an important role as they are often bought by families where the car is the only one in the household," says Wayne Brannon, explaining the significance of the Aveo notchback within the Chevrolet product range.

The new Aveo's sporty driving experience is a key feature that contributes to the car's appeal. It consists of an exceptionally rigid body-frame-integral structure, with the upper body and the frame engineered as a single unit, ensuring a more mass-efficient and stiffer structure. Advanced steels used on the new Aveo have considerably greater tensile strength, which improves passenger safety.

The new Aveo's external styling will bring a fresh breath of youth and sportiness to the segment. At the front end, the Aveo's large, dual-port grille with the centrally positioned bowtie immediately identify it as a Chevrolet.

A key signature element distinguishing the Aveo is its exposed, motorcycle-inspired headlamps, which are devoid of any lens cover. They are housed in dual tubes, with high-gloss black bezels and chrome rings. Pronounced wheel arch forms, the 114 mm offset between the roof-rails and short overhangs underscore the hatchback's planted, assertive posture.

Fuel efficiency and enjoyable driving that creates a small environmental footprint were the main criteria guiding the design of the Aveo's engine lineup. The 1.6 liter gasoline engine (115 hp) gives the Aveo strong acceleration characteristics and an immediate feeling of performance during low-speed driving.

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