Volvo PV36 Carioca

From Volvo press: A great deal happened at Volvo during 1935. The big news was the PV36, "the streamlined car".

The PV36 was clearly inspired by US designs. The engine was the same as the one fitted in the "conservative" models, 
but the gearbox had no freewheel. The car had a split windscreen, cover plates over the rear wheels, an integrated luggage compartment and a roomy passenger compartment. It weighed 1,660 kg.

A great deal of work had been put into making the car comfortable and the rear seat was wider than the one in previous models. The car was a 6-seater-three at the front and three at the rear.

The PV36 was intended to be a relatively expensive luxury model. It cost 8,500 Swedish kronor. A series of just 500 cars was therefore planned and this proved to be correct as it took a long time to sell them. The PV36 was nicknamed the Carioca, perhaps because the Carioca was a South-American dance that was in fashion at the time.

The PV658/659, the successor to the PV653/654, was also introduced in 1935. The bonnet had been modified and a "grille" had been fitted in front of the radiator for the first time.

New taxi models, the TR701-704, were also presented. The exterior changes were relatively small, but the engine was larger and developed more than 80 hp.

In 1935 Volvo shares were floated on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

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