Volvo 3CC Concept

From Volvo press: Volvo Car Corporation offers a new approach to sustainable mobility.

Spurred by the growing need to tackle congestion and pollution issues, Volvo Car Corporation has developed a radically new approach to sustainable mobility with a striking concept; a sport car with a ‘surprise in the back’.

Volvo Car Corporation has committed itself to pursuing a sustainable mobility future with the same focus on energy and innovation that has made it the safety benchmark for the automotive industry. A commitment reflected in the futuristic Volvo 3CC personal transportation vehicle unveiled at the to the European public for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show 2005.

The Volvo 3CC is a sleek, aerodynamic car designed to carry up to three adults, or two adults and two children, utilizing a unique two-plus-one seating arrangement which provides comfort and space comparable to a larger car. The Volvo 3CC is equipped with a powerful zero emission electric powertrain, capable of propelling the vehicle up to 300 km (180 miles). Its low center-of-gravity, light weight and double wishbone suspension contribute to sports car like handling.

“We see the Volvo 3CC as a functional demonstrator from which clean, safe and efficient vehicles can be derived in the future,” says Volvo Car Corporation spokesman Lex Kerssemakers, Senior Vice President Brand, Product & Business Strategy.

The Volvo 3CC is a further step towards a new mobility paradigm envisaged by Volvo Car Corporation, and epitomized by the recently revealed Volvo Tandem – a narrow, energy efficient, 2-seater ‘personal mobility vehicle’ using 50 per cent less space than a current car.

Both the Volvo 3CC and Tandem stem from the Volvo Monitoring and Concept Center (VMCC) think-tank in California. VMCC believes the global market is changing from a ‘one car fits all’ notion to owning different cars for different needs.

Volvo 3CC Concept