Volvo XC60 R-Design

From Volvo press: The bold attitude of the Volvo XC60 R-Design radiates true driving pleasure - and the sporty chassis and direct steering ensure that the drive matches the sporty appearance.

"The R-Design model boosts the XC60's already sporty aura and gives the car an even more refined character in terms of both driving experience and design. These properties are vital for attracting the discerning buyers of this type of car," says Susanna Johansson, Product Manager R-Design at Volvo Special Vehicles.

The Volvo XC60 is a car that has already carved out a solid market share in the premium sport crossover segment. With its muscular curves and sharply contoured tail lamps, it attracts attention wherever it goes. Now, the new R-Design option pack gives the car an even more purposeful and bold appearance.
On the outside it is easy to recognise those typical R-Design attributes: door mirror housings, trim mouldings and décor trim in matte silk metal finish, skid-plates and twin chrome tailpipes. The five-spoke Cratus aluminium wheels are also unique to the R-Design models. The 18-inch version is standard, but there is also a stunning 20-inch option. This dimension is new to the Volvo XC60 and is only available with the R-Design pack.

Another new feature is that the lower section of the car is now colour-coordinated with the rest of the body on the XC60 R-Design. This creates the impression that the car sits closer to the ground and gives it a more dynamic look - even though the generous ground clearance remains unchanged.

The R-Design chassis is stiffer, features stronger damping and has more distinct driving properties - without compromising ride comfort. All passengers can still enjoy a long and pleasant ride on any type of road surface.

The new, more direct steering gear also significantly contributes to the driving experience. The faster steering response gives the driver more alert feel and more precise communication with the road surface. This in turn builds up confidence to push the car to its limits and fully enjoy the sporty capabilities of the XC60 R-Design.

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