Volvo XC60 Concept

From Volvo press: The classic Volvo iron mark was reintroduced on Volvo’s cars almost two years ago and makes its boldest design statement yet on the XC60 Concept. Embedded in the trapezoidal grille, the large iron mark provides a distinctive signal that the future has arrived. The new angled positioning lights on both sides of the grille are also part of the DNA of Volvo’s next-generation design language. Along with the headlamps and the sweeping front fenders, they radiate an aggressive stance that also emphasizes the hood's classical V-shape.

The skid-plates front and rear are integrated to give an elegant yet distinct signal that this is primarily a crossover with pronounced on-road properties. The sculpted, emotive shapes that are such an important part of Steve Mattin’s design direction in the future become particularly pronounced when the XC60 Concept is viewed from the side. With imposing 20-inch wheels, accentuated wheel housings and aluminum scuff-plates, the muscular XC feel is emphasized in the lower half of the car, while the windows’ sleek profile and the dramatic roofline give the upper portion of the vehicle a sporty coupe-like appearance.

“At the rear, the expressive, sculptured shapes provide additional hints of the direction our design DNA is set to take. The contours of the tall tail lamps highlight the muscular shoulders and the tailgate’s trapezoidal shape is a further development of the glass tailgate in the Volvo C30,” explains Mattin. The tailgate design features another ingenious innovation: the lower portion moves out and up over the upper section. This creates a sufficient opening for small items without requiring the entire tailgate to be opened. Of course, the tailgate can also be fully opened. The third alternative is to only open the upper section.

Another exciting solution is the dark panel in the lower part of the tailgate. Viewed from inside, it becomes transparent to improve the driver’s ability to see the area behind the car. The roof is also transparent, with dark-tinted glass attached on top of a Y-shaped bearing structure. At the rear, the Volvo name on the tailgate features more pronounced lettering with wider spacing than before. This too is a new feature that will be echoed throughout the model range to boost the brand’s image.

The XC60 Concept has an interior design that is as daring as the exterior. This applies particularly to the instrument panel and floating center stack and the slim, visually floating front and rear seats. The interior is dominated by the elegant combination of saddle leather and aluminum. The upper section of the passenger compartment is typically Scandinavian light, while the lower portion has a contrasting dark, espresso brown shade. Mattin’s team also paid a lot of attention to the XC60 Concept's interior lighting appointments, creating a passenger compartment that seamlessly incorporates functional areas of light and a pleasant ambience – mood lighting that emphasizes the modern atmosphere inside the XC60 Concept.

“The white iPod-inspired surface is almost like a smooth wall of snow, surrounded by a metal frame that emphasizes the asymmetrical shape. Buttons and controls are entirely integrated into the surface and the “invisible” screen for information and navigation appears only when it is switched on, starting up with a spectacular pulsating sequence. The screen image is back projected, which makes the center stack one of the innovative highlights of the interior,” said Mattin. The four rotary controls also come to life through the start-up sequence. All other buttons are touch sensitive.

Volvo Cars is world-renowned for its extremely comfortable and ergonomically designed seats. In the XC60 Concept, they are refined even further with slim, asymmetrical lines that provide added comfort, particularly when climbing in and out of the vehicle. The light-colored seats appear to float above the dark floor. All the seats have fully integrated seat belts. The head restraints and backrests, in both the front and rear seats, feature a pony-tail slot. This feature was introduced a couple of years ago in the Volvo YCC (Your Concept Car), and in the XC60 Concept it has been extended all the way down the back to provide enhanced ventilation and improved rearward vision. The slots also feature integrated ambient lighting.

Volvo XC60 Concept