Mercedes-Benz GL-Class

Introducing the 2011 GL-Class. More than a full-size SUV. A more fulfilling SUV. What drives us to create a vehicle with luxurious accommodations for seven, abundant towing power, and the wealth of performance, safety and innovation you expect from a Mercedes-Benz? In a word, capacity. Beyond how much you can fit into it, how much you can get out of a vehicle reveals the engineering capacity of its creators. Only a full-size SUV that’s been engineered by Mercedes-Benz can trace its lineage directly to the invention of the first car — and the first truck — well over a century ago. The mission of the GL-Class was therefore never just to be bigger in size, but larger in the scope of its character: Enormously protective of your family. Brimming with useful technology. And supremely confident, both on-road and off. Full-size luxury is one way the 2011 GL-Class measures up to your life. But it’s just one of its many dimensions.

Up for anything, yet remarkably down to earth.
Full-time response. Far-reaching responsibility. The three engines of the GL-Class all share two powerful traits: The mighty torque necessary to motivate a full-size SUV. And certified Ultra Low Emissions, to motivate every other SUV on the planet. Two gasoline-powered V-8 engines deliver breathtaking acceleration. While a 50-state clean diesel BlueTEC V-6 breaks down its nitrogen oxide emissions into harmless nitrogen and oxygen, for torque-rich performance that can help everyone breathe easier. To wield its power even more wisely, every GL-Class features a smooth 7-speed automatic transmission and efficient 4maticTM all-wheel drive1 that continually directs the engine’s torque to the tires with the best grip—in snow, mud or even dry corners. The GL-Class always strives to put its best foot forward.

Cleaner power. With an estimated 21 highway mpg,2 the GL 350 BlueTEC can go up to 550 miles on a tank of fuel, including B5 Biodiesel. That’s further than most any full-size SUV. Advanced BlueTEC technology starts with cleaner combustion of its diesel fuel, and finishes with certified Ultra Low Emissions, even in the most stringent U.S. states.

Pure performance. The GL-Class also offers two powerful gasoline V-8 engines that output a bounty of low-end torque while still earning Ultra Low Emission Vehicle certification. The 335-hp GL 450 can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 6.9 seconds, while the 382-hp GL 550 whisks you there in an effortless 6.4 seconds — quicker than some sports cars.

Source: Mercedes-Benz press

Mercedes-Benz GL-Class