Volvo S40

From Volvo press: The current generation of the Volvo S40 has taken a visual step closer to the Volvo S80 - giving customers large-car properties in a compact format and with clearly sporty overtones.

The Volvo S40 has a compact body with rounded lines and a clean-cut tail section. The car's appearance exudes modern design and speed. The short bonnet and pronounced cab-forward stance help create a spacious cabin with generous interior space. The broad shoulders and convex side panels radiate power and emphasize the car's compact dimensions.

The color-coordinated soft nose creates a broad, low stance thanks to its grille with the enlarged Volvo iron mark, headlamps and a lower air intake that sweeps across the entire front.

The low, horizontal impression is reinforced when the car is seen from the side. At the rear, it is the shape of the tail lamps and the bumper that further boost the dynamic appearance.

Despite its compact exterior dimensions, the Volvo S40 offers a spacious and flexible interior. The interior is inspired by Scandinavian product design with the emphasis on uncluttered surfaces, honest materials and functionality. The Volvo S40 was the first model featuring Volvo's ultra-slim, free-floating centre console with an illuminated storage compartment at the rear.

The engines in the Volvo S40 are transversely installed in-line units. Together with large displacement, the five-cylinder configuration provides high torque across a broad rev band and thus also swift acceleration and excellent driveability within a wide speed range. 

The Volvo S40 T5 is the top model, featuring a turbocharger and five-speed automatic transmission. It produces 230 hp and 320 Nm of torque.

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