Pontiac Sunfire Concept

From GM Heritage Center: The 1990 Pontiac Sunfire 2+2 concept sports coupe features a set of unique door openings which use one and a half doors on each side to facilitate access to the rear seats while allowing normal front seat entry and exit. It is powered by a front mounted 16 valve, 4 cylinder, dual overhead cam, turbocharged, 2 liter engine that delivers 190 hp. It also features fully independent suspension, front wheel drive, antilock brakes and five speed manual transmission. The body is high tech carbon fiber and uses 20 inch front wheels with 21 inch rears. The interior features all the latest electronics including Heads Up Display (HUD), 6-way memory front seats, steering wheel with radio and comfort controls and voice activated cellular telephone. Sunfire’s overall length of 179 inches and 109 inch wheelbase allowed the wheels to be pushed to the outer extremities allowing maximum rear seating capacity. Door handles are non-existent on the Sunfire. A touch sensitive panel in the rear sail panel activates the door opening mechanism. The Sunfire name and some of its styling lines became part of Pontiac production small car line in the 1995 model year.

Gallery: Pontiac Sunfire Concept