Pontiac Salsa Concept

From GM Heritage Center: The 1992 Pontiac Salsa concept vehicle was designed in GM’s Advanced Concept Center in Southern California. This vehicle was able to transform from an all-weather, five-seat hatchback to a five-seat convertible or a two-seat panel delivery truck. Each module has a number of potential spin-offs.


This version featured seating for five. The removable folding canvas roof was composed of two parts: a front targa section and a rear segment with bows. In conjunction with the convertible, the rear seat folded forward and the sliding rear cargo drawer pulled out and dropped down. The overall effect was that of an open, two-passenger mini-pickup.

Five-Seat, All-Weather Hatchback

An alternative to a small sedan, when the rear seat folded down, a two-passenger station wagon emerged. Many items could be loaded into the rear cargo bay when the drawer was opened and the hatch was left up. With the hard targa segment of the roof removed, open-air motoring could be enjoyed.

Panel Delivery

Popular with California hot rodders and light commercial utility users alike, the panel delivery offered great opportunities for customizing to one’s personal tastes and needs. This module used a conventional liftgate, as opposed to the pullout drawer.

In any configuration, Salsa featured the maneuverability of a sports car and the roominess of a full size sedan, due to its rear seat positioned between the rear wheels. As a result, back seat room equaled that of a typical full-size sedan, even though Salsa was nearly 60 inches shorter.

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