Chevrolet XT-2 Pace Truck

From GM Heritage Center: Chevrolet took an IROC Camaro and added a pickup bed. The results? A 1987 Chevrolet XT-2 Pace Truck Concept Vehicle. Officially, XT-2 stood for Experimental Truck #2. It was powered by a 360 hp 4.5-liter Trans-Am V-6 engine with a 6 speed manual transmission and Corvette suspension. Performance-wise, it was capable of zero to 60 mph in six seconds.

Up front, the aerodynamic windshield was also the hood. The entire engine was located under the windshield, which pivoted up on gas struts for easy engine servicing. Special space-age materials insulated the cockpit from engine heat. In the rear, the XT-2 had a removable bed floor for access to the drivetrain. The XT-2 stood on 17-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels.

In 1989, the XT-2 was one of the Chevrolet pace vehicles for the PPG CART Indy car series.

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