Italdesign Lamborghini Cala Concept

From Italdesign press: The Cala was a high-performing sporty saloon designed for daily use and created for standard production. It set aside extreme standard production. It set aside extreme styling in the interests of creating a very comfortable and functional car.

The Calà, introduced at the Geneva motor show in 1995, was a research prototype for a 2+2 coupé that could be converted to an open-topped car similar to the Targa.

In stylistic terms, the car clearly displayed the influence of conventional Lamborghini traits, namely Miura-derived front headlights and a windscreen reminiscent of the Countach. The Calà was, however, significantly higher for reasons of comfort. The well-lit passenger compartment could in fact easily accommodate two adults and two children. The carbon fiber body was anchored to an aluminum chassis with the adoption of a brand-new technology involving folded, bonded panels.

The mechanical layout was designed by Lamborghini, with a new V10, 3961 cc, 372 HP, 7200 rpm engine fitted in a mid-rear position, combined with rear-wheel drive.

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