Volkswagen AAC Concept

The Advanced Activity Concept (AAC) combines the functions of a pick-up with the luxury of a top-class sedan. With four-wheel drive, and powered by a 230 kW (313 hp) V10 TDI diesel engine, this is a clue to the changes that could take place in this vehicle class. On the AAC's extra-long wheelbase, the design team has created a body that is as dynamic as it is elegant, and resembles no existing vehicle in this market segment.

The AAC design study is powered by a V10 direct-injection diesel with twin turbochargers and a balancer shaft. This high-tech unit develops 230 kW (313 hp) at 4000 rpm. One of its most remarkable features is the exceptionally high peak torque of 750 Newton-meters. Fuel injection is by a pump-injector system developed jointly by Volkswagen and Bosch.

Air suspension with three position settings provides optimum ride conditions both on and off the road. It remains at the center height setting during the standard driving program, but can be lowered by a significant amount when driving at high speed. On rough terrain, on the other hand, the suspension can be fully raised; ground clearance is then 390 millimeters (15.4 in). The difference between the lowest and highest air suspension positions is 110 millimeters (4.33 in).

Source: Volkswagen press

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