Volvo S80

From Volvo press: The refreshed Volvo S80 for model year 2010 has a tough and exclusive design, while providing top-class fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, performance, driving characteristics and comfort at the same time. All this reinforces the model's position in the premium sedan segment and satisfies customers with high demands.

The Volvo S80 is the second generation of Volvo's large prestige sedan. The S80 model is a luxurious car with an elegant and dynamic profile influenced by modern Scandinavian design. A new generation of driving and support functions together with a further enhanced body structure and advanced interior safety features, all interact to contribute to the high level of safety, both preventive and protective.

The Volvo S80 is 4851 mm long and its total width including mirrors, outer edge is 2106 mm. The height is 1493mm (at curb weight). In order to give the car a solid and compact image, it has a rounded contour and the bonnet has a raised profile. The headlamps, which are positioned lower than on the earliest S80 models, follow the curvature of the front and are extended along the side and up towards the bonnet, creating a gentle smile at the front.

The doors are convex and pronounced in shape. They include the rearmost side window. The sills have a pronounced profile, creating a visually low centre of gravity and imparting a steady and stable appearance.

In order to give the Volvo S80 the right aura of elegance and create an image of being in constant motion, the car has sweeping lines with a comet-shaped profile, an almost imperceptible transition between the rear window and the boot and a cut-off tail section.

A somewhat larger, vertical grille marks the car's Volvo heritage. The bonnet's characteristic V-shaped lines are extended all the way down into the spoiler. And those typical Volvo tail lamps have a slim profile that blends in smoothly with the broad shoulders. LED lights at the top enhance the Volvo heritage clearly even in the dark.

The rear spoiler is a discreet colour-coordinated accessory. It enhances the car's sporty appearance and helps improve the car's handling characteristics - especially at high speeds.

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