Mia Electric Mia Box Van

From Mia Electric press: Similar to the other models, the mia box van underlines the new, up-to-date way of mobility in the city. While doing so, the van (with a weight of 759 kg and a length of 3.19 m) focuses on the essentials – namely providing much needed space. Through the lateral sliding doors, you can get in and out of the car quite easily. With the mia box van you can perfectly master your transportations throughout the city!The mia box van is perfectly suitable for commercial purposes thanks to its sophisticated passenger compartment concept.

With a cargo volume of 1,500 l, the one-seat vehicle offers much space for everything to be stowed in the inside of the car. However, the compact and spacious box van is extremely maneuverable and agile. And similar to all mia models, the driver's seat is in the middle providing a perfect view of the urban traffic. The electric vehicle mia: zero-emissions, reliable, handy.

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