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From Mia Electric press:  Eight months before the start of series production beginning in June 2011, sales of the zero-emissions town car begin now. Thus the unusual, zippy, little town car is one of the first series models on the market with an entirely new design and a pure electric motor. Initially, sales will focus on public and private fleet operators. Sales to individual private customers will start in 2012.

mia will be manufactured in Cerizay, France, where the German company mia electric took over the electric cars division of the renowned vehicle manufacturer Heuliez. The former Volkswagen chief designer Murat Günak played a crucial role in the development of the three-seat automobile with a length of 2.87 m. The innovative concept includes a central driver's seat, sliding doors on both sides, and an extremely spacious passenger compartment compared to other vehicles of the same length. Two mia models with a length of 3.19 m are also available: The four-seat mia L (with three back seats) or the mia box van. The van is particularly interesting for commercial customers: It features a loading space of 1,500 l and a payload of up to 360 kg.

Not just thanks to its modern light-weight design, the new electric car features an economical power consumption. mia's standard battery (8 kWh) already covers a distance of up to 100 km, and in only 2.5 hours it can be fully charged in a usual receptacle. Short charging times do not present any problems either; a charging time of 10 minutes is already sufficient for a distance of 8 km. The power costs amount to about 1.50 Euro per 100 km; the basic version of the three-seat mia costs 19,500 Euro. Regarding its total costs, mia is therefore a favorable alternative to vehicles in this segment with a conventional drive.

mia does not produce any exhaust. In order to generate the charging current without any emissions, mia electric pursues a sustainable sales strategy: For each mia model sold, the company arranges for the provision of new power-generating capacities, which correspond to the annual average power consumption of the electric vehicle, in wind farms or solar power plants. "Each mia buyer shall be sure that the volume of current consumed when driving the mia is generated additionally and without any emissions", says Dr. Roman Dudenhausen, Managing Director of mia electric.

The new city car will be produced in large scale manufacture: The mia plant in Cerizay is adapted to an annual capacity of at least 10,000 units. For 2011, mia electric aims at supplying 5,000 vehicles in Germany and France (start of production in June). For comparison: From January to August 2010, 267 electric vehicles were licensed in Germany (source: KBA). Service for mia is provided by an automobile service chain operating throughout Germany.

"We started from a white sheet of paper and asked ourselves again and again: What does a customer actually need to be mobile in the city? And what does he or she like?", explains Murat Günak, former chief designer with Peugeot and the Volkswagen Group, the beginnings of the electric car project mia launched in 2007. The answer is: A compact car with clear view, yet spacious and handy, which features zero-emissions, is quiet and agile. With this concept, mia is trend-setting for a new, modern way of mobility in the city in a likeable way.

One conspicuous characteristic is the central driver' seat. This seat arrangement provides the driver with a perfect view of the city traffic and the passengers at the back with enormous legroom. They further profit from the sliding doors on both sides which together with the cutouts in the roof and floor enable comfortable access to all seats. mia is 2.87 m (three-seat model) or 3.19 m (mia L, mia box van) in length, 1.55 m in height, 1.64 m in width and weighs 825 kg (box van 835 kg) including the standard battery. The motor with 18 kW enables a maximum speed of 110 km/h. mia is fitted with a lithium iron phosphate battery, an accumulator system which is technically perfected and particularly safe. In addition to the standard battery (8 kWh, range up to 100 km, charging time about 2.5 hours), a more powerful battery (12 kWh) is also available. Driver side airbag as well as antilock braking system (ABS) are included in the standard equipment.

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