Having won a recent public tender, Škoda Auto is going to deliver up to 3,500 new Škoda Fabia and Škoda Octavia vehicles to Policie ?eské republiky

Skoda has understandably become the car of choice for Czech police, the Czech car manufacturer will supply the Policie ?eské republiky (Czech Police) with 3,500 Fabias and Octavias to catch Czech crooks. The first cars in Police trim will be delivered this November.

“We are very pleased to have won this public tender, not only because it is a big contract, but also because the Czech police are going to stick to Czech vehicles,” said Jan Procházka, Škoda Auto Sales Manager in the Czech Republic.

Czech police is no stranger to Skoda and already have a few Skoda Octavia RS's in the force, handed over by Skoda in 2006 while the last batch of Fabias and Octavias date back to 2003. Whether this contract signals the coming of the new Skoda Fabia RS is not clear.

Czech Police Sticks to Czech Cars