Land Rover Range Stormer Concept

From Land Rover press: Range Stormer is a high performance, sports tourer SUV concept car, which showcases a future design direction for Land Rover and the company’s increasingly bold approach to new technologies.

It is also the first-ever Land Rover concept to preview a new production model, one that will enter a fresh market segment for the company. This will be an additional model line in the Land Rover portfolio.

‘The supercharged V8 Range Stormer gives a taste of our forthcoming new entrant in the booming high performance SUV segment,’ says the managing director of Land Rover, Matthew Taylor. ‘The production vehicle that follows will share many of its styling and technical innovations.

‘Range Stormer is a modern, striking, high-technology vehicle,’ he adds. ‘It is very much conceived to be an on-road, high performance machine, as well as class-leading off-road like all Land Rovers. Breadth of capability is one of its many strengths.’

Future technologies previewed with the concept include an all-new platform that will be the basis for future full-size Land Rover models. This advanced, fully integrated platform, unique to Land Rover, will provide the underpinnings for the production vehicle inspired by Range Stormer.

Another major innovation is Terrain Response. This smart and simple-to-use new Land Rover technology delivers the best possible on-road and off-road composure and control, by optimising the entire vehicle set-up including suspension, powertrain, throttle response and traction control. The driver simply selects the appropriate Terrain Response setting from the six available on Range Stormer, varying from ‘dynamic’ for high speed work to ‘deep ruts’ for extreme off-roading.

Land Rover Range Stormer Concept