Lamborghini Urraco

With the Urraco, Ferruccio Lamborghini intended to build a more economical sports car which comes in the same price bracket as the Porsche. The Coupé 2+2 line, presented in 1970, another one of Nuccio Bertone’s whims, a new 8-cylinder engine is designed for the engine, launched on the market first with a 2.5 litre displacement and later (in 1974) with 3 litres, while a 2-litre V8 was also proposed for the Italian market.

Initially Lamborghini planned an annual production of 2,000 vehicles but, starting from 1972, only 780 Urracco, of which 520 of the P 250 version, 194 of the P 300 model and 66 P 200 for Italy were sold in ten years.

Source: Lamborghini press

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