Lamborghini Diablo GTR

On the 1999 Geneva Auto Show, Automobili Lamborghini SpA unveiled their latest creation, the Lamborghini Diablo GT, a limited production run of only 80 units will be available in Europe starting from September 1999, no homologation has been obtained for the United States or any other countries.

This new Diablo GT is a result from the experience obtained from the Diablo GT2 prototype, continuing on this design the Diablo GT was created. If compared to the "normal" Diablo, the obvious difference is the bodywork, it became very aggressive, with a true race feeling about it. The suspension geometry is altered with an improved chassis configuration and by using more composite materials, the overall weight was lowered.

The front track is enlarged which caused the front wheel arches to be widened, and last but not least, a 6 Liter V-12 engine is installed, giving a substantial power boost compared to the already very fast Diablo SV. Automobili Lamborghini SpA states in their press release the Diablo GT was the fastest production car in the world, a highly disputed statement, but with a top speed of over 338 km/h, the Diablo GT was surely one of the fastest cars around.

The modified V-12 engine is enlarged to 5992 cc by using a stroke of 84 mm instead of the standard 80 mm on the "normal" Diablo. An Individual Intake System was conceived by Lamborghini, by using a single throttle for each cylinder, new intake and exhaust camshafts coupled to an improved Variable Valve Timing System, the Diablo GT has 575 bhp under the pedal. By installing a special exhaust system with a new Lamborghini Exhaust Noise Control System the top speed went up to nearly 340 km/h.

Source: Lamborghini press

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