LCC Lightning GT

Powered by NanoSafe™, the electric Lightning GT, features an impressive 700 bhp powerful acceleration and a top speed capability of more than 130mph. In short, the electric Lightning will be a difficult proposition to beat.

By combining classic, British sports car design with racing car technology and state of the art battery power & electric motor innovation, the Lightning has been designed and developed in the UK with exhilarating performance front of mind.

The vehicle proportion has been retained yet exaggerated, enhancing the dramatic volumes of the car. A reduction of visual mass through the corners of the vehicle has assisted creating a more dynamic shape in keeping with the lightweight ethos of the vehicle.

The Carbon skin appears to be draped over the revised chassis architecture and wheels creating powerful arch bulges and undulations within the surfaces. These augment the sense of drama and character, enhancing the visual strength of the vehicle.

Feature creases run from front to rear of the car accelerating your eye through the surfaces generating a subtle nose forward movement while linking key functional areas.

The iconic head fairings have been retained and revised carbon panels form exit air vents. Vents in the bonnet and side surfaces hint at the performance credentials of the car while adding visual continuity, interest and cooling of the power source.

The "face" of the car has been reinterpreted to generate a stronger, more contemporary shape. The light cluster design follows the crease line forming an aggressive feature while the revised "mouth" encases feature fog lamps.

In place of the exhaust housing is a down force generating sculptured diffuser. Rear lamps are inset into a Carbon fibre graphic adding sophistication while generating a signature rear shape. The overall design appears lower, wider and more muscular than its predecessor hinting at superior aggression and performance characteristics.

Source: LCC press

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