Jeep CJ-2A

From Jeep press: In 1944 Willys-Overland made the decision not to re-enter the conventional automobile market after the war.  Instead, the company decided to concentrate on building a civilian version of the Jeep and to develop Jeep brand variants.  Willys-Overland built 22 prototype vehicles, designated CJ (Civilian Jeep) 1 or CJ-2s.  In August 1945 the first production models, designated CJ-2As featured as outside gas fill, powered windshield wipers, bigger headlights, a tailgate (necessitating a relocated spare tire) and, of course, a choice of color.  Not visible were softer springs and adjusted gear ratios.  Early models like this one were built with a column shift; after a few months customer preference resulted in a return to the floor shift.  By the end of the model run in 1949 Willys-Overlan had built 214,202 CJ-2As.

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