Jeep Willys II Concept

The Jeep Willys II features plastic body technology, allowing for a radical approach to Jeep design, while remaining true to the brand;s legendary capability.

Injection molded plastic bodies save up to 50% in weight and manufacturing costs and are nearly 100% recyclable. The molded in color plastic allows designers to create shapes not permitted with stamped metal, such as the crisp, rigid lines they keep the Jeep Willys II its high-tech machined appearance.

Marrying 21st century technology with 20th Century tradition, the Jeep Willys II was engineered to preserve the rugged capabilities that the Jeep brand is known for. With its custom suspension and supercharged powertrain, the concept reflects an effecient yet stylish way to reflect the spirit of classic Jeep vehicles along with enhance modern technology.

Source: Walter P. Chrysler Museum

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Jeep Willys II Concept