Spyker C8 Double 12

The C8 Double 12S has an all aluminum lightweight riveted body with an optional adjustable rear wing.

The all aluminum Spyker road / race V8 engine with 90-degree block angle has natural aspiration through roller bodies.

The aluminum space frame is integrated in roll cage. Safety fuel bag of 100 liter capacity is situated centrally in the space frame. Fully adjustable independent suspension, complete with Koni in board shock absorbers in the C8 Double 12S. Also, there is the upright CNC machined from solid billets of aluminum.

There are twin-circuit brake-system with adjustable brake balance. And 6-piston aluminum brake calipers at the front, 4-piston aluminum brake calipers at the rear with ventilated grooved brake discs. Brake disc diameter C8 Double12 R, front and rear, 380 mm and for the C8 Double12 S, front and rear, 356/330 mm.

Source: Spyder press

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