Spyker C8 Aileron

Spyker Cars, manufacturer of premium sport cars, unveiled its second generation C-line sports car at the Salon International de lAuto in Geneva, Switzerland today: The all aluminum Long Wheel Base model is called Spyker C8 Aileron and will come with both a manual as well as an automatic gearbox.

The C8 Aileron continues Spykers signature architecture (applied since its inception in 2000 with the C8 Spyder) of a mid-engined configuration in an aluminum space frame, clad in aluminum body panels.

The Ailerons space frame is a development of the original space frame of the first generation cars: its torsional rigidity, however, was improved by 40% without adding any weight. Its dimension have changed though, the wheelbase increasing by 10 cm / 4.5 inches for improved road handling and more cockpit space. Also its front track was widened and as a result the car is virtually square.
Designing a successor of a first generation car is no mean feat. Spykers design philosophy has always been to create timeless designs, contemporary but classic.

In the first generation cars the leading design cues were Spykers aviation and racing heritage. The propeller design consistently applied to many elements of the cars (such as the Aeroblade wheels) since 2000, was up for refreshment though: And in aviation the propeller engine was succeeded by the turbine engine so Spyker adopted the turbine as its leitmotiv for the Aileron.

The signature Spyker polished air inlets in aluminum were converted into turbine engine shaped scoops reducing the bling element considerably, which reflects a trend Spyker sees in general: more sober designs, less exuberant. The scoops have polished alloy nacelles which may be color coded with the interior as an option. The airflow around the car was redesigned so that the shark-like gills of the first generation cars (no less than 17 on a C8 Spyder) could be abandoned giving the Aileron a cleaner, smoother appearance.

The radiator opening was enlarged in anticipation of more horsepower requiring additional cooling. The mesh is V-shaped as on the first generation cars, a direct reference to the Spykers of the previous century, but angled forward giving the car a somewhat more aggressive stance.

The Aileron will continue to use the Audi 4.2 liter V8 giving 400 BHP. This state-of-the-art 5 valve 4 cam engine is now mated to a 6 speed Getrag manual or a 6 speed automatic ZF gearbox. This is the first time a Spyker is available with such an automatic gearbox as standard equipment.

The Aeroblade (5 propeller) wheels of the first generation cars are logically replaced by a 10 blade rotor wheel called Rotorblade. They come in 19 all round and are made in left and right hand turning versions.

The Ailerons suspension was developed from scratch and has double wishbones both front and rear. Shock absorbers are now placed vertically within the wishbones.

Source: Spyker press

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