Jaguar R-D6 Concept

With R-D6 we set out to create a concept car which would build on the R-Coupe and further develop Jaguar’s new design direction. We also wanted to showcase the latest technology in lightweight vehicle structures and our potent new bi-turbo, common-rail V6 diesel.” said Mike Wright Managing Director, Jaguar Cars.

Jaguar Director of Design, Ian Callum, and Chief Designer, Advanced Design, Julian Thomson, marshalled the efforts of a small team of groundbreaking designers who seized the opportunity to realise their ideas for the future of the Jaguar marque well before they appear in production form.

As Design Director Ian Callum explains “R-D6 represents the pure, sensuous and sporting design that will feature in all new Jaguars, but more than this it is a vision of the future of premium motoring: beautiful, fast, agile, efficient and fun. The fact that it is the most compact four-seater Jaguar ever and defies categorisation makes it even more intriguing and desirable.”

Observers will point to ‘classic’ Jaguar design cues – such as the grille – on R-D6, but it is important to realise that such features are there not because they commemorate Jaguar’s past, but because they are intrinsically ‘right’ for a thoroughly modern Jaguar.

R-D6 also takes advantage of Jaguar’s lightweight structure strategy, as pioneered in the new XJ saloon. Using aluminium and composite materials for the chassis and body, R-D6 weighs just 1500kg. This allows it to capitalise on the power – and, more importantly, the torque – delivered by its V6 engine.

And it’s the engine that will surprise many people – although, when you think about it, a high-performance 2.7-litre diesel engine makes perfect sense.

The bi-turbo V6 is a tuned version of the engine that is adopted on the S-TYPE (2004). The V6 diesel engine delivers more than 230bhp and 500Nm of torque. Acceleration from standstill to 60mph takes less than six seconds. Top speed is an electronically limited to 155mph.

“We’ve already proved with the new XJ what advantages there are in using aluminium within a lightweight vehicle structure. It’s natural that this technology will feature in Jaguar’s future – and what better place to start than R-D6.” said Phil Hodgkinson Programmes Director, Jaguar Cars.

“Respect for a glorious heritage doesn’t stop us putting in place the foundations for future generations of thrilling, dynamic Jaguars that aren’t afraid to challenge perceptions. That’s what R-D6 is all about.” said Julian Thomson, Chief Designer, Advanced Design, Jaguar Cars.

Source: Jaguar press

Jaguar R-D6 Concept