Skoda Yeti 4x4

From Yeti press: "The Yeti is much more than just a great value 4x4. Its practicality is top-notch, it's well made and well equipped and it's easy and fun to drive,” said the magazine’s Editor, Alan Kidd. “Combine all that with what it can do off-road and you've got a capable, affordable adventure wagon with all the right kit and an off-the-scale fun factor. The Yeti is the ultimate family car – that's why it's Total Off Road's 4x4 of the Year."

On its way to overall victory, the Yeti also won the Crossover class, thanks to its mix of great, hatchback-like on-road dynamics and MPV versatility: “Neither a fully fledged off-roader nor a fully fledged MPV, the Yeti blends elements of both into what might be the most imaginative crossover vehicle yet,” said the Total Off Road team.

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