Infiniti FX37

A genuine fusion of sports car and SUV, the Infiniti FX37's dramatic styling - shared with the Infiniti FX50 - sets it apart from the crowd. Built on Infiniti's FM (front-midships) platform, the Infiniti FX37 blends sports car proportions with the character of a 4x4. That means a long bonnet and wheelbase, short overhangs and a coupé-like roofline, with the stance and strength of an SUV.

The Infiniti FX37 is powered by the 3.7-litre V6 petrol engine delivering 320PS at 7,000 rpm and a healthy 360Nm of torque (comparable figures for the V8 FX50 are 390PS and 500Nm).

A member of the multi-award winning VQ engine family, the all-aluminium 24-valve twin cam unit features a bed-plate construction. A technique that has been used in motor racing for many years, the resulting two-part construction of the cylinder block is more rigid than a single piece casting.

It is a configuration that signifies a high-performance sporting engine designed for the highest strength and reliability. Other benefits include reduced vibration levels and higher engine speeds to be reached consistently without damage.

The engine, which is fully Euro 5 compliant, incorporates VVEL (Variable Valve Event and Lift) technology to optimise efficiency and, in turn, the balance between power, response, fuel efficiency and emissions. VVEL continually alters valve lift and therefore the quantity of air in the combustion chamber. The result is a more powerful combustion phase increasing torque and power.

Precise mapping of the ECU, meanwhile, helps the engine provide a progressive 'swell' of power and torque, providing a 'building wave' of acceleration rather than a peaky power delivery.

Infiniti FX37 comes with a new seven-speed automatic transmission with Adaptive Shift Control (ASC) as standard providing a wider spread of transmission ratios for improved fuel consumption and drivability. The seventh speed is effectively an overdrive ratio, returning improved fuel economy on a steady throttle without compromising in-gear flexibility for overtaking.

Shift points are tuned to keep the engine in the largest part of the torque curve, ensuring there is always a healthy reserve when the driver wants to overtake. The linked ASC system switches between three different programs depending on input from the major control systems throughout the car. Manual shifts can be made via paddle shifts mounted behind the steering wheel.

Suspension design is fully independent and uses lightweight aluminium components to reduce weight as much as possible. With a double wishbone set up at the front, a multi-link arrangement mounted on a subframe behind and an extremely rigid bodyshell, Infiniti FX37 combines agility with exceptional ride comfort.

An all-new design, the latest generation FX range adopts Infiniti's signature double-arch grille and 'double wave' frontal styling. The profile is dominated by a strong shoulder-line set off by functional side vents behind the front wheels while the swooping roofline is topped by roof rails, which are fitted as standard. At the rear, distinctive LED taillights wrap around the side of the vehicle.

Source: Infiniti press

Infiniti FX37