Infiniti FX50

In keeping with Infiniti's well defined product strategy, the new FX is inviting in every dimension, from the nimble feel of its quick and controlled response to driver input, to the ride comfort provided by its Dual Flow Pass shock absorbers and quick response to body motion inputs, to the unique "Infiniti feel" under acceleration and braking.

Infiniti's designers and engineers' overall goal in the development of the second-generation FX crossover was to enhance its "sports car ability" while adding refinement - without compromising either side of the equation. The new FX's creators also wanted to give the vehicle a more "human" feel, despite its mechanical strengths, by integrating the latest technology with owners' lifestyles.

The new Infiniti FX50 is designed to be highly adaptive to both the driver and driving conditions, utilizing a long list of Infiniti technologies and systems, including Variable Valve Event & Lift (V-VEL) engine technology, Adaptive Shift Control, Suspension with active Continuous Damping Control (CDC), Rear Active Steering, Around View Monitor, Intelligent Cruise Control (Full Speed Range) and Intelligent Brake Assist (IBA).

The new Infiniti FX continues with the breathtaking exterior styling and "sports car proportions" that helped the original stand out from all other performance luxury crossovers on the market. The FX blends the substantial lower body of an SUV with the long hood, stretched wheelbase, short front and rear overhangs, low overall height and elegant upper body more commonly found on sports cars - conveying its strong performance personality and breakthrough design architecture at a single glance.

The Infiniti FX's sporty interior is designed to combine a driver-oriented cockpit/command center with a warm, modern, comfortable passenger environment - all wrapped in rich, natural materials. The high-tech interior design includes an Infiniti signature "double-wave" instrument panel and white-and-violet electroluminescent gauges.

The Infiniti FX50 comes with a new front sport seat design with an adjustable air-type side support system for added lateral support during "sporty" driving sessions. The driver's seat features 10-way power-adjustability with lumbar support and a 2-position Driver's Seat Memory system, while the passenger's seat is an 8-way power-adjustable design. Covered in a special quilted leather sew pattern, the front sport seats include adjustable thigh extensions, which add an extra level of comfort for drivers and passengers with long legs or for long distance travel. Whereas the front seats include an enhanced climate controlled system with heating and cooling functions for maximum comfort.

The Infiniti FX50 features a new powerplant, which makes it debut on this model - an advanced 5.0-liter V8 that is mounted low in the chassis to help lower the Infiniti FX50's center of gravity. The engine design includes twin symmetrical air intakes, microfinished crankshaft, lightweight pistons, super-silent cam drive chains and an electrically driven cooling fan to help optimize performance.

The goals for the development of the Infiniti FX50's all-new VK50VE V8 started with outstanding power output - 390 horsepower (287kw) and 500 Nm of torque - a high rev limit, a powerful engine sound from a specially tuned exhaust and improved fuel economy versus the previous generation FX45. Even small details were evaluated in designing the new engine, including control of oil mist density in crankcase for reduced friction

One of the keys to the new V8's impressive performance is the adoption of Infiniti's patented Variable Valve Event & Lift (VVEL) valve control technology, which was first introduced on the Infiniti G37 Coupe. The VVEL system continuously adjusts valve event and lift amounts, enabling higher fuel efficiency with higher torque and improved emissions over conventional variable valve designs. The VVEL intake camshafts, which feature continuously variable lift control teamed with a Continuously Variable Valve Timing Control system (CVTC), allow for a 6,900 rpm redline and a high compression ratio of 10.9:1.

The Infiniti FX50 is comes standard with a new seven-speed automatic gear box with Adaptive Shift Control (ASC) allowing a downshift blip control. FX50's standard magnesium paddle shifters enable drivers to shift the transmission without releasing their hands from the steering wheel, helping maintain stability for the driver when accelerating or decelerating on winding roads.

The new Infiniti FX50 includes standard active Continuous Damping Control (CDC) system with special electronically controlled shock absorbers. Unlike conventional fixed damping force shock absorbers, the suspension with active Continuous Damping Control (CDC) takes the input from a variety of sensors and continuously alters the damping of the shocks to provide optimal ride and handling. The system features a driver-selectable switch with two settings, "Auto" and "Sport," allowing the driver to control the shock valving levels.

The Infiniti FX50's standard Rear Active Steer system is the first of its kind available in an SUV. Unlike passive rear steering systems, this design features precise, electronic motor-driven control to turn the rear wheels up to one degree, helping generate a nimble steering response at low speeds and enhance stability at high speeds. Rear Active Steer moves the Infiniti FX50's rear wheels in accordance with the front-wheel steering angle and vehicle speed, rather than passively following the front wheels. The result is a vehicle that is able to change direction with improved quickness, precision and stability.

The new FX maintains its small turning radius (5.6m) despite its larger wheel and tire package. Its engineers focused on improving steering feedback from the advanced speed-sensitive rack-and-pinion power steering system and reduced "play" in the steering mechanism for more direct vehicle response to steering input.

Secure braking performance is provided by the Infiniti FX50's 4-wheel ventilated disc brakes with Brake Assist (BA) and Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD). The Infiniti FX50 system features 4-piston front/2-piston rear calipers, similar to those utilized on the new Infiniti G37 Coupé, and large brake rotors (355x22 mm front/350x20 mm rear). Braking system dimensions and high thermal capacity have been tailored specifically to European driving needs, providing a secure and stable feeling at very high speeds and high deceleration rates.

The Infiniti FX50 features metallic-finish six-spoke cast-alloy 9.5Jx21-inch wheels made by Enkei. These wheels are created using a special type of ultra-lightweight casting and are as light as a competitor's 18-inch wheels. They are mounted with 265/45R21 performance tires.

The new Infiniti FX50 offers a wide range of advanced available technology and safety systems, helping reinforce the strong sense of communication between the Infiniti FX50 and its driver - as well as providing a secure and inviting feel.

The Infiniti FX50 comes standard with the unique Infiniti Around View Monitor utilizes four small superwide-angle cameras - mounted on the front, side and rear of the Infiniti FX50 - to project an all-around view of potential objects on every side of the vehicle, helping reduce blind spots when parking. The system uses advanced image processing to provide a unique "Birds-Eye View" of the vehicle, making it easy for the driver to position the Infiniti FX50 for parallel parking by simultaneously confirming the exact placement of the front and rear of the vehicle. The system includes front and rear sonar sensors for camera assistance, also displayed in an easily understandable fashion on the display.

The Infiniti FX50's standard Intelligent Cruise Control (Full Speed range) system combines the brakes, throttle and laser rangefinder with the cruise control system to automatically maintain a set distance between the Infiniti FX50 and a vehicle in front of it. FX50's Intelligent Cruise Control operates in "Full Speed Range" (from 0km/h) hence reducing the driver's workload in congested traffic as well as smooth long distance travel. The Intelligent Cruise Control assists the driver with acceleration and deceleration actions and stops the Infiniti FX50 if traffic requires.

The new Infiniti FX50 will be offered with a 5.0-liter V8 powerplant and intelligent all-wheel drive and is equipped with exceptional level of standard equipment. Exact details and availability will be announced at a later stage by each market. The Infiniti FX50 will be joined by a V6 powered model, details of which will also be announced later.

The new Infiniti FX50 is a radical expression of sport and utility - designed to stand out by every measure. With the most highly demanded features in class included as standard equipment, FX50 combines advanced technology with exceptional levels of performance, style, luxury, safety and quality.

Source: Infiniti press

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