Infiniti EX30d

The Infiniti EX30d introduces a lower CO2 V6 diesel engine, first-in-class safety technology and a new chapter in the European ambitions of Japan's youngest luxury performance car-maker. What doesn't change is the EX's dynamic coupé crossover style, its outstanding standard equipment - and a high-performance drive to seduce the sportiest of owners

The dynamic EX reinvented the way compact SUVs look. Its advanced chassis reinvigorated how they drive. Extensive standard equipment recalibrated value and Infiniti's Total Ownership Experience re-imagined every facet of life with a premium quality car for the most discerning of owners. Now with the addition of an acclaimed new diesel engine, boasting more torque, or pulling power, than any existing rival, the EX redefines desirability in the compact SUV class.

The Infiniti EX30d joins the EX37 V6 petrol models in Infiniti Centres across Europe from summer 2010 (depending on country). The sports coupé-inspired SUV is the second Infiniti to be powered by diesel. It inherits exactly the same 3.0-litre V6 piezo-injection engine as has been available in its big brother, the FX30d, since June 2010. In the form used in the EX and FX crossovers, the Alliance's V9X V6 diesel is very much a bespoke Infiniti unit. It was developed by Infiniti to deliver more kilometres and lower carbon emissions than the brand's petrol V6 while enhancing the high performance and refinement central to Infiniti's luxury ethos.

Infiniti EX30d (2011)
2011 Infiniti EX30d
The outputs are exceptional for the compact SUV class. The V6's 175 kW (238 PS) maximum power equals the best available while its massive torque, of 550 Nm from just 1750rpm, out-muscles equivalent existing models from Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo.

Smooth, responsive and lag-free, the V6 has even been tuned to sound like a petrol V6 engine, enhancing the EX's already prominent sporting appeal with its dashing looks, driver-focused interior and well resolved, rear-drive biased handling. Where the law allows, the Infiniti EX30d can sprint from 0-100 km/h in just 7.9 seconds and hit 221 km/h flat out.

High performance and exceptional efficiency go hand in hand in the Infiniti EX30d, as shown by an EU combined cycle fuel consumption figure of 8.5 l/100km (33.2mpg). With 7.2 l/100 km (39.2mpg) on the extra-urban cycle, the Infiniti EX30d's long-distance cruising capability is greatly enhanced with a potential range of 1100km. Over the petrol EX37 models, CO2 emissions fall to 224 g/km - despite the diesel's torque exceeding even that of Infiniti's 5.0-liter petrol V8 of the flagship FX.

Depending on market, the Infiniti EX30d is priced close to the equivalent EX37 model, heightening the EX's strong value proposition which sees many features included as standard for which rival makes charge extra. This philosophy is taken to a new level with the introduction of the GT Premium - with virtually nothing left out that could be included.

The GT Premium's array of standard high-technology safety and convenience systems includes Lane Departure Prevention™ (LDP), an SUV-first which made its European debut in the FX30d. Where other makes provide mere lane departure warnings, Infiniti's LDP intervenes gently to guide the car back into the correct lane if its warnings aren't heeded.

As with the FX, LDP is available only on the diesel-engined EX and as part of the standard technology pack integral to the GT Premium, expected to be the range's biggest selling model. It is estimated that the diesel model will account for eight out of 10 EX sales in Europe.

Source: Infiniti press

Infiniti EX30d