Saab 93

The 93 was the first model to be officially exported by Saab. New frontal styling, often called a snub or bull-nose, included an upright grille that would remain a Saab design motif until 1980. Whist this was the 93’s most striking external feature, a series of technical changes warranted the new model designation.

Under the hood, a new 748 cc, three-cylinder engine was fitted. It was now longitudinally installed and raised power to 38 hp. Coil springs replaced the torsion bar suspension and a rigid axle introduced at the rear. A Saxomat clutch was also available, enabling clutchless shifts between second and third gears. Inside, the seats and upholstery were refreshed.

A larger, one piece windshield was introduced in 1957 and a year later the GT750, a sports version with an upgrated to 45 hp engine, was added. Front-hinged doors appeared in 1960, the final year of production.

A total of 52,731 Saab 93s were produced.

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