Saab 96

The Saab 96 is an automobile made by Saab. It was introduced in 1960 and was produced until January 1980, a run of 20 years. Like the 93 it replaced, the 96 was a development from the old Saab 92 chassis and, on account of its improvements and modernization, it opened new markets for the company. It was the car for which the marquee Saab became internationally known, not least because of its safety innovations and its motor sport successes.

The bodywork differed little from that of the Saab 93, but the rear had undergone improvements in 1960, providing more trunk space, a larger trunk opening, and a much larger rear window with better visibility. The original 'bull-nose' front section of the 96 was lengthened for 1965 models, in preparation for a new engine, and the radiator was placed ahead of the engine, rather than above and behind, a leftover from the thermosiphon cooling days.

The Saab 96 had longitudinally mounted engine layout, as first designed, it had a 750 cc, 38 hp (28 kW) three-cylinder Saab two-stroke engine.

Source: Wikipedia, 2011

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