Hyundai E3 Concept

The E3 is the third in a series of Hyundai concept cars to be designed in Europe and the first creation of Hyundai's new European Design Center.

Meeting the unique tastes and needs of Europeans, the E3 name can be understood to stand for three "E" values: Enjoyment, Environment and Extraordinary.

Taken a step further, the name suggests new ways of using cubic space to create a mobile personal environment that meets the needs and wants of tomorrow's more demanding customers.

Exterior Style and Interior Luxury Externally the E3 manifests a sleek but essentially strong profile, the integration of the B-pillar into the door frame construction showing the interior to excellent effect. The front and rear use of LED lighting, allowing a significant reduction in light size, allows non-obtrusive light treatments, which fully meld into the front and rear styling. This reduction in size leads to increased lens versatility, for example the replacement of rear view mirrors with an Indicam, which also houses the side marker lights. The E3 is a fully drivable concept car which hints at the future design directions of Hyundai's next generation C-segment car.

The E3 impresses visitors less by flashy exterior styling, than by thought provoking details in the car's interior layout. The E3 has the ability to seat four adults in real comfort. Unique seat mountings offering multiple configurations add a spacious and airy "walk through" dimension to the front. A multi-tiered centre console containing large, unobtrusive and integrated storage spaces is "suspended" between the front seats reaching rearwards.

The result is a reassuring, yet futuristic, grand limousine realized in mass market size. Intrusive and largely redundant dials and gauges have been dispensed with, replaced by a multi function speedometer, plus a retractable centre console featuring an LCD information screen developed in conjunction with VDO. A vertically sliding communications centre also shows a clever way ahead for in-car communication device storage. Extending the stress reduction and user-friendly attention to detail further, all the major climate and sound controls have been incorporated into one sculptured control unit which, also developed in conjunction with VDO and designed to feel good, fall naturally to hand while being immediately and instinctively understandable to any driver. In addition the single spoke steering wheel, holding the airbag, adds another functional aspect of elegance to an already imposing interior concept.

Source: Hyundai press

Hyundai E3 Concept