Honda Civic Si

From Honda press: Equipped with an all-new version of Honda's highly acclaimed VTEC engine, the Si's 2.0-liter DOHC i-VTEC produces 160-horsepower and 130-ft lbs of torque in a lightweight, environmentally friendly package. What distinguishes i-VTEC from Honda's previous VTEC system is the addition of a new VTC (Variable Timing Control) system that continuously adjusts the intake camshaft phase according to the engine load. (The "i" stands for Intelligent.)

This new system allows for low fuel consumption, low emissions and maximum torque at all engine speeds. The 130-ft lbs of torque produced by the new engine provides the widest power range and most linear power band ever for a Civic. A close ratio 5-speed manual transmission allows the driver to maximize the increased horsepower and torque for outstanding performance driving.

The Civic Si features firmer dampers and springs than other Civic models. Substantial front and rear stabilizer bars give the Si added tautness and precision. Large diameter disc brakes up front and new rear disc brakes complement larger wheels and tires all around to maximize the vehicle's performance instinct. The braking system features Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) and ABS.

The three-door hatchback is an entirely new configuration for the seventh generation Civic and will be offered in the U.S. only as the Si. Its sporty styling, compact exterior dimensions and large interior dimensions will appeal to younger buyers. The high-curvature rear end and functional tailgate allow for maximum utilization of space and easy loading and unloading. Along with aerodynamic enhancements, the mesh-type front grille and rear roof spoiler further accent the performance character of the Si. Si badging will be featured inside and out.

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