Honda Accord Coupe

From Honda press: The all-new seventh-generation 2003 Honda Accord moves the Accord lineup to a new level of world-class style, sophistication and performance. Both the Sedan and Coupe have been redesigned and re-engineered to top the midsize class in engine performance, ride and handling, comfort and convenience features, safety, quality and refinement.

The rapid growth in the popularity of SUVs and "crossover" vehicles has expanded consumer choice and increased competition for the already highly competitive midsize buyer. As a result, the Accord development team targeted not only its traditional competitors, but also the finest European sedans in terms of design, engineering and "emotion" in an effort to move the Accord lineup to a higher level. The result is the finest selection of Accords ever made, setting new marks in key targeted areas while maintaining the durability, quality and reliability (DQR) and value that made the Accord one of the best-selling cars of the '90s.

Two engines are available in the 2003 Accords: a new 2.4-liter 4-cylinder and an extensively revised 3.0-liter V6. Both have more peak power and torque than their predecessors, as well as improved midrange and bottom-end performance. Along with these power gains come lower emissions and improved fuel economy that puts the Accord's engine choices at the head of their respective classes.

Four-cylinder 2003 Accord models come with a new 5-speed manual transmission that's lighter and more compact and has improved shifting feel. Two new 5-speed automatic transmissions have been developed (replacing 4-speed automatics in previous generation Accords), one matched to the 4-cylinder and one for the V6 engine. The manual transmission in the V6 powered "Ultimate Sport Accord Coupe," is a short-throw 6-speed manual transmission.

Representing the state-of-the-art combination of performance, economy, and ultra-clean operation, the Accord's standard 2.4-liter i-VTEC engine is a showcase of Honda's latest technologies. Building on the solid foundation of the original VTEC design, this latest 16-valve i-VTEC engine transforms the character of the 4-cylinder Accord, providing unprecedented levels of acceleration and fuel efficiency with minimal tailpipe emissions.

This strong running engine equals or betters the old engine's peak torque figure over an impressive 3000-rpm range. Even though it develops significantly more horsepower (+7 percent) and torque (+6 percent), this engine also meets stringent LEV II LEV emission standards. In SULEV spec for the California market, the engine does not compromise power, and requires only the addition of a Mass Air Flow sensor, an enhanced catalytic converter and the use of low sulfur fuel to meet this extremely rigorous emissions standard. This allows this engine to be used in all LX and EX automatic transmission vehicles for California and become a high volume, mainstream engine in the California market for the first time.

The Accord's 24-valve V6 engine shares several basic design elements with its predecessor, including a 60-degree/3.0-liter configuration. But a host of technological advances makes it significantly more powerful, more fuel efficient and with lower emissions.

The new V6 engine is nearly 20 pounds lighter and an inch shorter than the V6 it replaces. A 3-rocker VTEC system replaces the two-rocker version used in the previous engine. It develops 20-percent more horsepower and 7-percent more torque-and does so burning regular unleaded gasoline. Despite these major output gains, the new V6 also is expected to boost EPA estimated fuel economy numbers on both the City (21 vs. 20 mpg) and Highway (30 vs. 28mpg) cycles.

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