Renault Be Bop Concept

Be Bop SUV and Be Bop Renault Sport are 2 interpretations of the compact MPV theme which, with their modern, rounded forms, are hard to resist. These 4-metre long cars stand out for their vast glazed surface. Be Bop and Be Bop combine rounded forms with structured lines for greater aerodynamic efficiency. Reminiscent of a water droplet, their style suggests movement and sleekness.

Be Bop and Be Bop are one single flowing line. The shape of the front and rear wings communicates a friendly yet powerful air. Their curve is extended at the front into a panoramic windscreen that disappears into the immense glazed rood before dropping down to form the V-shaped rear window, resulting in the signature Renault rear end.

Exceptional visibility and unique brightness characterize the cabin space, which can also be configured in multiple ways. The "Touch Design" concept encourages intuitive use of the controls and has a high level of user-friendliness.

Source: Renault press

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