Renault Latitude

From Renault press: With such generous external dimensions, Latitude easily falls into the category of large status oriented sedan. The car looks both solid and elegant. Its silhouette is harmonious: the wheelbase stretches 2.762 metres, and the front and rear overhangs are 1.025 metres and 1.101 metres respectively. The dual system of intelligent adaptive bi-xenon headlights harmoniously compliment the contours of the chrome grill. The boot compartment is one of the best in the category: 477 litres (511 litres without the spare wheel). The rear LED lights harmonize perfectly with the chrome rear strip which bears the letters of the new model's name: Renault Latitude.

The sheer size of the optional electric panoramic sunroof make it stand out from others in the category. Thanks to the well thought out body and trim materials, Renault Latitude conveys a sense of reliability and quality that you can feel. The "Air" instruments panel is based on the original construction of the central console, and blends in perfectly with rest of the instruments. The vehicle and onboard comfort controls are all within easy reach: all are located around the steering wheel and central console. The interior features; chromed door handles, dial rims, and gear stick, all emphasizing the car's status as a business class sedan. Special attention should be paid to the décor and trim around the seats, which bring variety to the interior of the car depending on the model. Customers can either choose between a dark gray interior with dark leather, and a dark beige interior with beige leather. Both are aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.

Renault Latitude was developed using the combined expertise of Renault and Nissan. The comfortable and silent driving experience, precise handling chassis, and the high tech engine give it the decisive edge over its rivals. The Latitude inherited the front part of the chassis from the Renault Laguna, which is well known for its excellent handling, whilst the rear multi-link suspension from Nissan provides an unrivalled level of comfort. These features actively dampen bumps and other irregularities in the road, remove vibrations, thereby smoothing the whole car driving experience, and making it equal to the best cars in its class.

Renault Latitude will propose a wide range of engines and 6-speed manual and automatic gearboxes which clients in different countries will be able to choose from .Diesel engines will be provides by Renault. The most performing and noiseless is the 2.0 dCi (M9R) that provides 110 and 127 kW (150 and 175 hp).

Based on the same architecture as the new SM5, which was recently launched in the Korean market, Renault Latitude benefits extensively from the joint developments and expertise of Renault, Nissan and Renault Samsung Motors. The comfort and acoustics of the interior have become the subject of much attention. The driver has a whole array of functions that are as useful as they are original.

Renault Latitude is one of the first D-segment car to include a massager in the driver's seat, and the new triple-zone automatic climate control system. The ultra comfortable driver's seat contains 5 pneumatic massaging rollers, with four operating modes: constant, intermittent, soft and firm. The precise motions of the flexible pneumatic rollers on the spine have a relaxing effect during long journeys or long periods of time stuck in traffic.

The vehicle also features a unique interior air quality control management system. The triple-zone automatic climate control system allows the driver and each of the passengers to individually regulate the temperature inside the vehicle. The system which is based on the "best in class" system used in the Laguna, is also capable of controlling the composition and characteristics of the air in the car. As well as a combined coal filter, which prevents dust and unpleasant smells from entering the vehicle, Renault Latitude features a dual-mode air ioniser. It not only emits healthy negatively charged ions, but purifies the air by removing allergens and harmful bacteria. The driver and passenger can also take advantage of the double fragrance diffuser to fill the car with a pleasant aroma. Refill cartridges may be obtained from any Renault dealership.

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