Renault Megane R.S. N4

From Renault press: As the only manufacturer to offer a full ‘rally’ range based on group R regulations, Renault Sport Technologies is now to add Mégane R.S. N4 to its line-up. With the same intrinsic qualities as the Mégane R.S., the new model draws on a her- itage of group N-homologated Renaults stretch- ing back over quarter of a century: Supercinq GT Turbo, R11 Turbo, R21 2l Turbo, R19 16S, Clio Williams and Clio Renault Sport.

Intended to keep costs down, group N regulations impose strict rules on the modifications that can be made to the original car. This constraint works to the advantage of the Mégane R.S. N4, which gets the full benefit of the technology used on the production model. The independent steering-axis front suspen- sion design has allowed the engineers to put together a chassis that combines traction, directional stabil- ity and driving comfort in complete safety. The use of three-way adjustable shock absorbers also allows the settings to be adapted to all types of driving style.

Under the bonnet, the performance of the 2.0-li- tre 16V turbo engine has been enhanced with an optimized electronic engine control system. De- spite regulatory restrictions, the Mégane R.S. N4’s engine puts out 270 bhp and torque of 470 Nm. It is linked to a five-speed H-pattern dog ring gearbox, developed specifically for this purpose.

On the strength of its experience in the field, Re- nault Sport Technologies has sought to design an innovative, reliable and high-performance pack- age that also takes on board the notion of cost control at every stage of development. The inten- tion is to make Mégane R.S. N4 accessible to all drivers, and be both easy to handle and economi- cal to run.

Like all of the vehicles in its rally range, Mégane R.S. N4 is to be sold by Renault Sport Technologies in the form of a racing kit bundling all the specific parts.

When developing Mégane R.S. N4, Renault Sport Technologies drew on the performance of the production model to derive a car which both per- forms and is economical to run, all in the spirit of the Group N regulations. Drivers will be in a posi- tion to achieve top-class results on tarmac, all within a reasonable and controlled budget.

With 270 bhp to be transferred to the front wheels, the suspension on the Mégane R.S. N4 had to be impeccable! Thanks to the independent steering- axis front suspension and the very latest genera- tion of shock absorbers, roadholding and traction are quite simply flawless.

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