Proton Satria Neo

From Proton press: With a sleek design and an impressive CamPro 16v engine, the Satria Neo is all about energy, style and excitement. Superb ride and handling comes courtesy of Proton’s sister company, Lotus, helping to deliver a car that boasts high speed stability, great manoeuvrability and superior control. Customers in the market for a stylish, fun and exciting drive which is also practical and affordable, need look no further than the Satria Neo.

The Satria Neo is available with a 1.6 litre 16v Lotus developed CamPro engine, with a choice of a 5-speed manual transmission or a four-speed automatic gearbox. Although it shares the same engine and transmission with the GEN-2, the Satria Neo has a lower final drive ratio, giving it better low to medium speed acceleration and smooth torque and power delivery.

Underneath its compact, streamlined exterior is a CamPro 4-cylinder 16v Multi-Point Injection engine developed in collaboration with Lotus. As you’d expect from a company that designs and builds high performance cars, this is an engine that packs a serious punch; delivering a maximum speed of up to 118mph, with 111bhp and 109lb/ft of torque. And with its lower weight and expert tuning and balance, the Satria Neo also offers excellent responsiveness.

Gallery: Proton Satria Neo