Hamann BMW X3 HM 3.3

From Hamann press: The HAMANN BMW X3 HM 3.3

SUV’s have never been more popular. For several years now, the registration numbers for these A-list off-road vehicles have grown dramatically. BMW has played a significant role in this development with its X5. Its smaller brother, the X3, is to continue this successful family tradition. And one model from the X3 series is certainly destined to do this; even though it’s not from BMW, but rather from HAMANN MOTORSPORT in Laupheim, Germany: The HAMANN BMW X3 HM 3.3.

The extraordinary X3 from the renowned auto converter persuades with its innovative design, powerful performance and sophisticated interior. The exclusivity of the HAMANN BMW X3 HM 3.3 is clear at first glance. The HAMANN engineers have constructed a comprehensive aerodynamic package exclusively for this latest SUV from Munich. In particular the frontal view, thanks to the spoiler with integrated ellipsoid headlights, along with the fender width expansions front and back create a look that is both extremely powerful and unique. The HAMANN BMW X3 HM 3.3. design packet is complimented by the broad rear spoiler and sport end mufflers, rear end diffuser and a roof spoiler.

Under the HAMANN BMW X3 HM 3.3’s attractive hood, the specially developed HAMANN HM 3.3 displacement motor ensures powerful performance. Due to the comprehensive motor modification, with sport pistons, cylinder head gaskets, crankshaft, modified motor block, performance characteristic alteration of the stock motor, sport end mufflers and sport air filter, the HAMANN power packet delivers 286 HP at 6,200 RPM’s. The maximum torque of 355 Nm is at 4,000 RPM’s. It sprints from 0 to 60 mph in less than 6.9 seconds and pushes on to reach its maximum speed at just slightly under 150 mph.

The sporty performance of the HAMANN BMW X3 HM 3.3 is slowed only by the sport braking system, with its mighty slotted, internally-ventilated brake discs sized at 355 x 32 millimeters and four piston fixed yokes in red. Additionally, special brake linings and flexible steel brake lines guarantee optimum braking power at all times.

The progressively-functioning chassis springs of the HAMANN lowering set sink this German SUV 45 millimeters both in the front and back. In addition to the improved looks, the HAMANN BMW X3 HM 3.3 subsequently handles more precisely and feels almost like a normal car in tight curves.

The HAMANN 2-pipe sport end mufflers, with two round stainless steel end pipes and a diameter of 76 millimeters, don’t just look great; they also produce an imposing, sonorous sound. This makes the HAMANN BMW X3 HM 3.3 an acoustic power-packet as well. Optionally available also are 4-pipe sport end mufflers, with four round stainless steel pipes in 76 millimeters.

As regards tires, HAMANN offers an entire series of stainless steel and light alloy rims stretching from 18 inches up to 20 inches. In the 20 inch dimension, the HAMANN wheel DESIGN PG3 compliments the entire concept of the HAMANN BMW X3 HM 3.3. The multi-piece light alloy rims in a classic fivespoke design emphasize the dominant appearance. The wheels, in silver and polished rim flange are available for both axles in dimensions of both 9.5 J x 20 inches and 10.5 J x 20 inches. Possible tire sizes extend from 265/35 ZR 20 front and rear to 285/30 ZR 20 front and rear. And coming soon, the BMW specialists at HAMANN will also be offering 21 inch and even 22 inch light alloy rims for the X3, which are now in the final stage of development.

The HAMANN BMW X3 HM 3.3 lends a sporty/noble look to the interior. The 3-spoke airbag steering wheel, in black leather with silver inlay and with or without multi-function, fits exquisitely into the hand and gives you a real motorsport feeling. The inlay is also optionally available in Carbon-Kevlar. The same goes for the beautiful sport gearshift, available either in aluminum or in black leather, and the aluminum emergency brake. The aluminum foot pedals and foot supports provide just one more optical highlight and lots of fun footwork. The HAMANN foot mat set, with its logo in an exclusive design – even illuminated if you like – represents another prestigious detail.

The HAMANN BMW X3 HM 3.3 redefines the SUV class. Its innovative design, powerful performance and sophisticated interior make this version from Laupheim a uniquely noble off-road vehicle. Quite simply, pure power X 3.

Hamann BMW X3 HM 3.3