Hamann Porsche Cayenne

From Hamann press: HAMANN MOTORSPORT offers the new HAMANN HM 5.6 increased-capacity engine for the Porsche Cayenne S.

Displacement can be only replaced by higher displacement and so HAMANN developed the HM 5.6 engine. The installation of a special crankshaft, the enlargement of the cylinder bores and the fitting of bigger forged pistons increases the capacity of the normally aspirated V8 engine from 4511 cm³ to 5554 cm³. In addition there are installed sport camshafts, the air induction is modified and the HAMANN stainless steel high performance exhaust system including special manifolds, free-flow metal-bed catalysts and a rear sport silencer with four tailpipes is fitted. Special mappings for the ECU and the onboard-diagnosis system perfectly coordinate the new components. As a result this engine isn”t only very powerful but also has an excellent emission behaviour and a low fuel consumption.

The HAMANN HM 5.6 increased-capacity engine delivers 400 hp at 6000 rpm. The maximum torque of 443 lb-ft is already achieved at 3000 rpm. The road performances of the tuned SUV are improved accordingly: The sprint from 0 – 62 mph only takes 6.4 seconds instead of 7.2 seconds on the standard car. With a maximum speed of 166 mph the Cayenne S with HAMANN HM 5.6 engine exceeds its basic car by more than 15 mph.

To be able to make use of the high road performances of the HAMANN tuned Porsche SUV, there is recommended the fitting of HAMANN 22-inch light alloy wheels which don”t only enhance the look of the car but also improve driving dynamics. Especially for the Porsche Cayenne they developed multi-piece HAMANN light alloy wheels in two different designs. In one way the SUV can be furnished with HAMANN ANNIVERSARY II 10.5Jx22 multi-spoke wheels. In the same size there are alternatively available HAMANN PG3 five-spoke wheels. Both wheel designs can be driven with 295/30 ZR 22 tires front and rear.

The HAMANN suspensions are particularly set up for the use with the ultra-flat 22-inch tires. Cars with conventional steel springs can be lowered by about 35 millimeters using progressively coiled HAMANN sport springs. The Cayenne models with pneumatic suspension can be modified using the electronic HAMANN suspension control which lowers the car by about 40 millimeters.

HAMANN doesn”t only customize the look of the Porsche SUV with big 22-inch wheels and the matching lowering of the bodywork: HAMANN offers design components for both models – whether Cayenne S or Turbo. They alternatively give the Porsche a purebred off road look or an even more sporty design for the predominant use on the road.

The HAMANN off road package starts with a front bar made from chromed stainless steel which is custom-made for both Cayenne versions. The exclusive HAMANN accessory part doesn”t only have an optical function: The robust front element protects the bumper against damages which can for instance occur at parking. The underride guard, which is integrated in the front bar, has such a solid dimension that it can also stand heavy-duty off road operation.

HAMANN additionally upgrades the Cayenne with solid stainless steel stepboards. These accessory parts don”t only grant the four-wheel drive Porsche a shining appearance in the truest sense of the world: They also guard the side sills especially off the beaten track and also make getting in and out of the car easier.

The HAMANN ONROAD bodystyling kit starts with a front apron which replaces the standard bumper. This accessory part is offered for the Cayenne S or Turbo just like the HAMANN panel for the tailgate or the HAMANN rear apron panel with cut-outs for the standard exhaust system or the HAMANN sport exhaust system. The HAMANN roof spoiler rounds out the bodystyling kit.

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