Hamann BMW 3 Series E90

From Hamann press: HAMANN BMW 3-series HM 3.2 with 306 hp

Lately the new BMW 3-Series has been on the market and has created a sensation with its design and its performance. The latest member of the „Bayerische Motorenwerke“ (BMW) promises driving pleasure at the highest level. HAMANN MOTORSPORT from Laupheim – one of the leading BMW-customizers – has already developed a comprehensive accessories program for the BMW 3-Series sedan. Beyond that, now the HAMANN HM 3.2 litre-engine with 306 hp is available.

Already, HAMANN presents a alternative for the M3, which is still not launched by BMW. HAMANN provides the 3-series with the HM 3.2 litre engine. It produces an astonishing torque of 347 Nm and 306 hp, with gives the 3-series a power/weight ratio of 6,7 per kW. This enables an sportscar-like acceleration from 0-100 km/h in 5.4 sec (5.7 with 6-speed automatic transmission) and a top speed of proved 279 km/h. According to the motto: Sheer Design and Driving Pleasure.

The HAMANN-engineers have designed a front spoiler for the powerful BMW 3-Series sedan, which takes up the elegant line of the basic model and imparts a strong face to the sporty Bavarian. Brandnew is a complete front spoiler bumper including fog light. For the back they have developed an unobtrusive but effective rear spoiler, which underlines the sporty appearance of the BMW 3-Series definitely. The HAMANN components are convincing by little gap dimension and extreme fit. Here the Swabians show their sheer design pleasure.

Simultaneous with visual upgrading the Laupheim experts have worked on driving pleasure as well. After intensive development and extensive testings specially tuned sports springs have been designed. These lower the body of the sedan by about 35 millimeters, thus making the 3-Series appear even sportier. But mainly driving dynamics is improved. The car reacts defi-nitely more faithfully to steering motions. Owing to the progressively acting springs sharp turns and fast direction changes are managed in a sporty manner. In normal traffic, however, series-like comfort is preserved.

Sporty-elegant are also the exclusive HAMANN light-alloys for the new BMW 3-Series. One-piece ANNIVERSARY I in multi-spoke design is offered showing a very dynamic appearance due to its slight-looking spokes. Alternatively the aluminum wheel PG3 is available. This multi-piece rim is manufactured in a classical five-spoke-design whith a very powerful appearance. Both HAMANN light-alloy rims are offered for the BMW 3-Series in the dimensions 19-inch and 20-inch.

The latest HAMANN MOTORSPORT accessories for the new BMW 3-Series sedan show the sheer design and driving pleasure of the Laupheim experts. This feeling is transferred to the driver of the sporty Munich car. In the near future HAMANN is going to offer a complete con-version program for the 3-Series, which comprises even more aerodynamics components, coil-over suspensions, rear mufflers and light-alloys rims.

Hamann BMW 3 Series E90