Porsche Boxster S

From Porsche press: Porsche’s two-seat roadsters offer unique blend of mid-engined handling in thoroughly useful two-trunk ragtop package. The biggest news for the 2007 Boxster lineup is new powerplants in the already award-winning drop-tops. The Boxster S receives the 3.4-liter flat-Six engine from the Cayman™S with an identical 295 horsepower rating. The Boxster receives a reworked version of the 2.7-liter Boxer mill rated at 245 horsepower—only 5 less than the original Boxster S. Both engines are now fitted with Porsche’s VarioCam®Plus variable intake-valve timing and lift system, which broadens the engines’ torque curves, increases fuel economy, and helps reduce emissions. Also new for ’07 on the Boxster lineup is a revised an updated Tiptronic®S automatic transmission, a standard Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), a reworked positioning of the service tray to improve the shape of the rear trunk, and optional new 19-inch wheels from the 2007 911® Turbo. 

The 2007 Boxster employs a standard five-speed manual gearbox and can be optioned with the six-speed manual that is standard equipment on the Boxster S. The six-speed manual, like the five-speed manual, has reinforced synchromesh rings on all gears. Multiple synchromesh rings assures quick and easy shifts even with short shifter travel. The five-speed manual features triple synchromesh on first gear and double synchromesh on second. The six-speed has triple synchromesh on first and second gears and double synchromesh on third, fourth, fifth and sixth. As on the 911 Carrera, the synchromesh rings in first and second gear on both Boxster manuals have a wear-resistant carbon coating. 

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