Facelift scheduled for 2006

Cayenne Facelift

Porsche’s first off road model Cayenne has been on the market since winter 2002 and is now about to undergo a first major restyling likely scheduled for release in 2006. In addition a Hybrid version is said to be in the pipeline, developed in co-operation with VW and Audi. This one, however, for launch earliest in 2008.

Prototypes of the facelifted Cayenne have been photographed meanwhile during road testing in various places of the world in cold and hot weather as well as in the vicinity of Porsche’s home base Weißach. To show the alterations without confusing disguise, three of these prototype shots have been computer generated .

Seen here, the big 4x4 will get an all new front end with new headlights, larger air intakes and a prominent steel protection plate underneath the front skirt . The rear end will feature considerably bigger tailights, and also the interior design is expected to undergo some remodelling.

Cayenne Compact

Even further ahead than a hybrid Cayenne are plans of the sport car maker regarding a possible fifth Porsche model range (after the four door coupe Panamera). According to rumours it is about another smaller off road model based on the upcoming Audi Q5, this one being a smaller version of the brand new Q7. This Porsche compact off-roader is set to become a rival against the successful BMW X3 and the upcoming Mercedes MLK. No information about the looks of the “Compact Cayenne” has seeped through yet, here are just two artists impressions suggesting how such a car could look like.

The photos are showing:

  • 2 computer generated images of a “Cayenne Compact”.

  • 4 photos of a facelifted prototype of the 2006 Cayenne from all angles.

  • One photo showing a prototype stuck in a snow ditch while the crew is hurriedly trying to cover the precious secret

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