Pontiac Stinger Concept

From GM Heritage Center: The 1989 Pontiac Stinger concept car is classified as a sport style, all wheel drive, and all seasons vehicle with an active suspension system for all terrain driving. The body of the Stinger is made up of carbon fiber panels. The glass panels are all removable, except for the windshield. The body can be transformed from two-door enclosed transportation to open air fun, adaptable to a number of different activities. A roof light bar, adjustable rear spoiler and removable glass roof panels complete the exterior transformation from a workday mode of transportation to weekend fun. Even the glass in the lower portion of the door can be removed and substituted with a panel containing a beverage cooler and storage box for convenience.

The Stinger is 164.8 inches long on a 98-inch wheelbase. It stands 58.8 inches high, 73.7 inches wide. It is equipped with 295/55R16 Goodyear front tires and 295/55R18 Goodyear rear tires.

The Stinger has a 3.0 liter four cylinder 16-valve engine that delivers 170 horsepower at 6500 rpm. It features a 3-speed automatic transmission, independent suspension and anti-lock disc brakes (ABS). The pneumatic active suspension system allows the vehicle to rise four inches higher for off road driving.

A keyless entry system allows access to the Stinger’s interior. Inside, the Stinger has seating for four adults, with additional stowage space for a variety of items. For example, the Stinger has built-in convenience items such as pull-out radio and carrying case, a portable hand held vacuum, electrical extension cord, camper stove, hose, flashlight, picnic table, tool box, carrying case with binoculars, first aid kit, calculator, sewing kit, compass and magnifying glass, fire extinguisher, umbrella, two small tote bags, brush and dust pan.

The Instrument panel features electric tilt wheel and steering column, both with memory, manual tilt gauges for driver comfort and visibility, an electric compass, an attitude gyro depicting vehicle tilt, and pull-out drawer containing a removable cellular phone and message machine. The driver’s side armrest also contains a cellular telephone. The console contains the sport styled shifter, and control switch for soft and hard ride, and the pullout radio and carrying case. A front-loaded compact disc player and newly styled radio controls also are located in the console.

The seating in the Stinger is six-way power with memory and an inflatable bladder system for front seat passengers. When the Stinger is parked, the open roof allows the rear seats to be raised 15 inches electrically to provide rear seat passengers with a unique view over the roof light bar. All seats in the Stinger can fold flat for storage or even overnight sleeping. A built in utility seat in the front passenger seat can be removed for use as a camping chair.

The roll bar in the Stinger contains the roof lamp and adjustable spoiler controls plus map lights. There are removable carrying cases built in throughout the interior.

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