Pontiac Bonneville GXP

The Bonneville regained a V8 option on the GXP trim for 2004, its first since 1986, as a result of the discontinuation of the Oldsmobile Aurora. This opened up a "hole" in the GM lineup between Pontiac and Buick, allowing Pontiac to expand upmarket somewhat. The engine is Cadillac's Northstar, and as Pontiac's website said, "With GXP, V8 power gets reintroduced into the Bonneville line in the form of the world-renowed 4.6 L Northstar V8 engine. 275 hp (205 kW), 300 ft·lbf (400 N·m) torque and 0-60 mph (~0 to 100 km/h) in 6.5 seconds demonstrates better performance than BMW 330i and 530i, and Lexus ES. Its 3.7:1 final drive ratio is the most aggressive found on any car in its class.

Source: Wikipedia, 2014

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